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„Goggolori“ is a supplement to the Bayerisches Wörterbuch. Here the editors comment in an entertaining and easily comprehensible fashion on topics of Bairisch-Bavarian dialect research and report about activities in the field of dialect conservation and dialect research in Bavaria.

The journal is illustrated by informative drawings by our informants.

So far, 19 issues of the „Goggolori“ have been published. In the future the publication will be available online only.

Goggolori 20 (2017)
Goggolori 19
Goggolori 18
Goggolori 17
Goggolori 16 (2014)
Goggolori 15
Goggolori 14
Goggolori 13
Goggolori 12
Goggolori 11
Goggolori 10
Goggolori 09
Goggolori 08
Goggolori 07 (2004)
Goggolori 06 (2003)
Goggolori 05
Goggolori 04
Goggolori 03
Goggolori 02
Goggolori 01 (1997/1998)



In one regular feature of the eight-page brochure, questions to the editors about the origin, occurrence and meaning of words are answered, for example: „was ist ein Baamhackl?“, „Können Sie uns erklären, warum die Tannenzapfen bei uns Butzküh heißen?“ or „Woher kommt die Bezeichnung Achatznkousal für den Marienkäfer?“. Other popular subjects include vernacular expressions pertaining to food and drink, country lore, riddles and proverbs from the Bayerisches Wörterbuch collection. Many queries also deal with the subject of dialect in education and social life, with ethnographic aspects of the vocabulary, with semantic areas and word families.